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Does Whey Protein Build Muscle? Read About Muscle Whey Protein

Posted by [email protected] on March 23, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Does Whey Protein Build Muscle?

Irrespective of which type you utilize, pure or mixed, hydrolyzed or concentrate, whey protein is without question the king of protein dietary supplements. There is a massive body of research that indicates whey protein powder is better at stimulating protein muscle synthesis - the method that ultimately produces stronger and bigger muscle tissue - than casein or soy.


Whey protein is an incredible muscle-builder for a number of reasons. The 1st is its fast digestive rate. Whey protein is the quickest-digesting protein powder a guy can purchase. Once whey protein is consumed, its amino acids - the constructing blocks of all proteins - breakdown quickly and are made available to the bloodstream. The blood then delivers these amino acid to muscle cells, where they can rapidly spark protein synthesis.

Muscle Whey Protein


In 1998, French scientists publicized a milestone study about whey's powerful capacity to stimulate protein muscle synthesis. Scientists announced that when subjects drank a whey protein beverage, protein synthesis improved by nearly 70 %. Nevertheless, when subjects drank a casein protein beverage, protein synthesis improved by just 30 %. Researchers credited this remarkable increase to whey's fast digestive rate.


In addition, whey enhances protein synthesis proficiently since it is an incredibly abundant supply of the branched-chain aminos leucine, valine and isoleucine. Leucine is the true muscle builder in this group. Studies indicate that it behaves a lot like your car key, switching on the powerful protein synthesis engine.


Whey protein also increases blood circulation to muscle tissues, which is another key to its powerful protein synthesis. Increased blood circulation boosts the delivery of nutrition, including glucose, oxygen and amino acids. These nutrients aid muscle development and encourage recovery following a workout.


Still cynical?

Danish scientists discovered that subjects drinking a whey protein beverage after and before work outs for fourteen weeks increased muscle development by more than 25 %, whilst those consuming a carb-based beverage observed zero change in muscular mass. The whey group subjects also increased their height for squat jumps, whilst individuals with the carbohydrates made no progress.


Of course, the Danes pitted carbs against protein, but how about protein against protein? Australian research announced that male muscle builders using whey protein whilst following a ten week weight-lifting routine gained around 11 lbs. of muscle, whilst those using casein protein gained barely 2 lbs.. The muscle builders consuming whey also experienced bigger gains in strength.


Fat-Burning Energy

Whey protein is not just an effective muscle-builder additionally, it can support weight loss. Actually, recent research from the Unites State Department of Agriculture announced that women and men consuming 2 whey protein drinks a day for twelve weeks (with out dieting or working out!) lost 5 lbs. of body fat, lost an inch from their waist lines and even built muscle. Those consuming a comparable quantity of soy protein, however, did not observe any beneficial changes in body structure.


Use it Don't Lose it!

Pondering how to add this magic powder to your diet plan? The 2 most significant times to take whey protein are fifteen to thirty minutes prior to working out and within half-hour after your workout routines.


Again, it goes back to whey's rapid digestion rate.


Delivering a rapid stream of aminos to muscle tissue during, before, and right after strength training promotes maximum muscle development. Whole-food source of protein like chicken breast, fish, eggs and beef will not digest quickly enough to be of benefit during these crucial times.


Prior to weight-lifting, take around ten to twenty grams of whey protein to boost muscle strength, boost endurance, and reduce muscle break down. After your work outs, go with twenty to forty grams of whey to boost muscle recovery and boost protein muscle synthesis.


It's also wise to consider taking twenty to forty grams of whey protein the moment you get up in the morning. This will prevent the muscle break down that occurs due to fasting over night. You may also consume a twenty to forty gram whey protein shake as a snack in-between meals to enhance muscle development and support weight loss.


Whey protein is the Way

No matter your targets, whey helps. It is one of the 1st health supplements you need to think about if not the first when beginning a muscle-growth or fat-loss plan.

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